Non-Alcoholic Mirror Margarita, 500ml

Ensuring no reason for anyone to miss out on the Margarita goodness we have created a delicious non-alcoholic version using popular NA spirit Seedlip Garden 108, which features herbaceous flavours of mint, peas, rosemary and thyme.

Each 500ml bottle, priced at £35, contains four large cocktails, each with a double shot of Seedlip Garden 108, expertly mixed and ready to pour over ice and enjoy. 


Each bottle containing four large cocktails is made with:

Seedlip Garden 108, homemade Hacha sour mix, cane syrup & mixed grapefruit oils.

Non-Alcoholic Mirror Margarita, 500ml


    • Each bottle is 500ml and priced at £35.  

    • Containing 4 large cocktails per bottle, each cocktail with 50ml of Seedlip Garden 108 expertly mixed and ready to pour straight over ice.

    • 0% ABV.

    • Shelf life: Bottles should be kept refridgerated and best enjoyed within 2 weeks.


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