Smoked Citrus Mezcal Negroni, 500ml

Introducing our Agave Aperitifs, the classic Negroni just got even better with a smoky twist... 


Aperitif; a drink traditionally served before dinner to whet the appetite and prepare the taste buds for the meal ahead. A classic aperitif should be dry and often with an element of bitterness.


We have used mezcal as the backbone of this classic serve to give a rich smoky depth alongside Citron de Marrakesh bitters and smoked citrus oils to make a fresh and flavourful Negroni twist. Either serve chilled straight up in a small coupé glass or over ice in a tumbler garnished with lemon zest.


Each bottle is 500ml and holds 5 large cocktails.

Smoked Citrus Mezcal Negroni, 500ml


    • Each bottle is 500ml.

    • Containing 5 large cocktails per bottle, each cocktail with 30ml of Mezcal Verde, 30ml Campari, 15ml dry vermouth & 15ml sweet vermouth, stirred over ice for perfect dilution and ready to pour straight over ice.

    • Shelf life: Bottles should be kept cool and will keep for up to 3 months. 


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