The Agave List - annual subscription

A key feature at Hacha is our ever-changing Agave List - a selection of 25 premium agave spirits that are served neat and paired with small snacks to enhance the flavour profile, giving our customers a delicious insight into the world of agave through Tequilas, mezcals and lesser know spirits such as raicillia, bacanora and sotol. 


Hand selected each month by our co-owner and agave expert Deano Moncrieffe, you will receive a 50ml serve of a different premium agave spirit each month alongside his tasting notes and pairing suggestions. Perfect for a curious beginner to the category, a seasoned expert or a gift for someone with a taste for agave spirits.


£10 a month and delivered through your letterbox! 

Purchase a 3, 6, or 12 month subscription package upfront, annual packages receive a 10% discount.


This listing is for a 12 month subscription. Spirits are shipped at the start of each calendar month.

The Agave List - annual subscription